Advanced Link Building Strategies: The Complete Guide for SEO Success

March 11, 2024
Posted by
Andrew Pottruff
Advanced Link Building Strategies: The Complete Guide for SEO Success

The Correlation Between Backlinks and Rankings

Multiple studies have uncovered a strong correlation between backlinks and higher Google rankings. For instance, Moz found that higher ranking pages tend to have 41% more linking domains and 36% more total backlinks. Backlinks can boost rankings for several reasons:

  • They signal trust and authority to Google. Backlinks from reputable sites indicate other experts vouch for your content.
  • Anchor text and keywords in backlinks help search engines understand your content’s topic.
  • Backlinks bring referral traffic, which then engages on your site, building relevance signals like time on page.

However, it’s not just the number of backlinks that matter. Focus on metrics like domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow. Backlinks from more authoritative sites with relevant content carry more weight.

Advanced White Hat Link Building Strategies and Examples

Let’s dive into some of the most effective advanced link building tactics:

The Skyscraper Technique

This advanced tactic coined by Backlinko involves creating insanely useful content that “towers” above your competitors. You then reach out to sites linking to those competitors and pitch your “skyscraper” content as a better alternative to link to. This content will naturally attract links without excessive outreach thanks to its value.

Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

PBNs involve creating a network of sites in unrelated niches that interlink with your money site using branded anchor text. When done right, they can rapidly build powerful domain authority. But low-quality PBNs put you at risk of a Google penalty. Use strict quality guidelines and limit anchor text variety for the best results.

Creative Link Bait Ideas

Link bait aims to create viral content that captures attention and links. Brainstorm creative link bait like:

  • Comprehensive industry statistics resources
  • Interactive tools, quizzes, and calculators
  • Unique studies and surveys
  • Opinion polls and contests
  • Interactive maps and visualizations
  • Expert roundups and interviews

Check out this example link bait content from Ahrefs that attracted over 700 backlinks.

Niche-Specific Link Building Strategies

Tailor your outreach and assets for building links in your industry:

  • Local SEO - Claim and optimize citations, build links from location-based directories, partner with local businesses.
  • Law Firms - Publish legal guides, sponsor workshops, guest post on attorney blogs.
  • SaaS Companies - Sponsor and present at industry conferences, host webinars, share free tools and templates.
  • Ecommerce Sites - Develop assets like product guides, how-to videos, and coupons.

Outreach Strategies for High Quality Backlinks

Securing guest posts and contributor spots on reputable sites takes personalized, value-focused outreach. Follow these tips:

  • Pitch sites your audience reads. Reference their content and compliment the site.
  • Offer to write on topics their audience wants. Provide 3-5 ideas tailored to them.
  • Mention you’ll handle content creation - most publishers are short on time.
  • Suggest potential titles and angles to showcase your expertise.
  • Be helpful and patient through the process. High-authority sites vet heavily.

You can also get solid links from roundup posts. Reach out with great title ideas where you're the perfect expert to include. Provide your best content to link to and make their job easy.

Getting mentioned in reputable industry publications also lends powerful credibility. Build relationships with journalists and PR agencies in your space. Offer yourself as an expert source for relevant stories.

The Importance of Creating Valuable Content

At the core, advanced link building depends on outstanding content. Strive to create insanely useful, detailed guides and resources far better than the competition. This value earns links naturally even without excessive outreach.

Focus on building genuine relationships and adding value vs. spammy, automated link requests. With that approach, advanced link building strategies will earn the high-quality backlinks that can catapult your rankings.