A Marketer's Guide to Retargeting Ads: Strategies, Best Practices and Examples

March 22, 2024
Posted by
Andrew Pottruff
A Marketer's Guide to Retargeting Ads: Strategies, Best Practices and Examples


Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a digital advertising technique that shows ads to people who have already visited your website. The goal is to target people who left your site without converting and bring them back with relevant messaging and offers. Retargeting helps boost conversions by reminding people about products they're already interested in.


Retargeting displays ads to previous website visitors to draw them back and convert them into customers. Proper implementation of retargeting strategies and best practices is crucial for success.

Retargeting Strategies and Best Practices

  • Identify your goals: Are you aiming for more traffic, conversions, brand awareness? Align your retargeting strategy with specific business objectives.
  • Use dynamic retargeting to show relevant products that site visitors viewed or added to cart. This personalized approach boosts conversions.
  • Set frequency caps to avoid overexposing users to your ads. Limit impressions to 3-5 times per day.
  • Test different creatives, offers and messaging. Experiment to see what resonates best with your audience.
  • Personalize ads with custom audiences based on interests, demographics, purchase history, and more. Segmentation improves results.
  • Track and optimize for conversions like purchases or email signups. Use UTM parameters to measure ROI accurately.
  • Follow ethical data practices and inform users about retargeting. Transparency builds trust.

Retargeting Ad Examples

Facebook retargeting ads can feature dynamic product carousels, video ads, and lead generation forms. Messaging is critical.

Google retargeting ads on platforms like YouTube can highlight deals, drive re-engagement and prominently display calls-to-action.

Retargeting on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms make use of native ad formats and in-feed placements for visibility.

The Future of Retargeting

Emerging trends like predictive retargeting use AI to determine user intent and deliver personalized ads accordingly.

Innovations in ad customization and personalization allow for tailored messaging at an individual level.

New approaches for effective retargeting on mobile, OTT and CTV devices are also being developed.


When implemented correctly, retargeting is a powerful tool to re-engage visitors and increase conversions. The key is to continuously test, optimize and innovate with your retargeting strategies and creatives. As technology evolves, there will be new opportunities to improve results and stay ahead of the curve. The future looks bright for those who can maximize the potential of retargeting while providing value to consumers.